2017 Subaru Legacy vs 2017 Honda Accord
2017 Subaru Legacy 2017 Honda Accord
  18.5 gallons 17.2 gallons
  25/34 23/32
  57.3 in. 56.5 in.

2017 Subaru Legacy vs 2017 Honda Accord

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Even with the current dominance of crossovers, midsize sedans still have a huge share in the automobile market. They provide ample interior space without being too big or small, and they are generally good on fuel consumption. In the midsize sedan segment, the Honda Accord has reigned as arguably the premier offering for the past few decades, with a longstanding reputation as one of the most reliable and well-rounded vehicles in the world. Although younger and less popular, the Subaru Legacy has its share of strong points, some of which put it above its Honda counterpart for the 2017 model year.


First, there’s the drivetrain. The 2017 Honda Accord goes with front-wheel drive, which is the standard layout on midsize sedans. On the other hand, the 2017 Subaru Legacy is unique in this category, since it is the only one that has the all-wheel drivetrain as standard. Indeed, all-wheel drive has been standard on almost all Subaru vehicles since the mid-1990s. What makes all-wheel drive so special is that the drivetrain provides power to all four wheels, rather than just two wheels like front-wheel drive. The result is an improvement in traction, which means that the wheels are less likely to slip in less-than-favorable road or weather conditions. Whether it’s snow, rain, or ice, you’d have a better piece of mind going with the Legacy, rather than the Accord, which does not give you an option to switch its front-wheel drive with an all-wheel drive.


Second, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the 2017 Subaru Legacy has a higher safety rating for its headlights than the 2017 Honda Accord. According to the organization, about half of all fatal crashes in the United States happen when it’s dark, and more than a quarter of them occur on roads that are unlit. Thus, headlights are essential in providing safety in nighttime driving, and the IIHS has a headlight test in addition to its rigorous crash safety testing. However, all headlights are not created equal, even with great advances in technology, and even government regulations about headlights don’t guarantee consistency in the on-road application of illumination. And the performance of the Legacy and Accord is no exception. The Legacy gets the IIHS’s highest possible rating of “Good” for its headlights, while the Accord is rated a notch below (“Acceptable”).

Interior Design

Finally, the 2017 Subaru Legacy, a little more so than the 2017 Honda Accord, is praised for a no-fuss, straightforward interior design. The cabin has a simple and clean-cut layout, with top-quality materials used for constructing it. You can upgrade to the top-level Limited trim for luxurious touches like faux-wood accents and leather-trimmed upholstery, and the Sport trim (new for this model year) comes with two-tone seat covering. Plus, the infotainment system includes controls that are user-friendly, with quick-access buttons and a touchscreen that displays simple menus and sharp graphics.

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* EPA-estimated fuel economy. Actual mileage may vary.