Guide to Subaru Electrified Vehicles

2023 Subaru Solterra EV & 2022 Subaru Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid

If you are thinking about buying your first plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle from Bob Wade Subaru, you understandably want to learn as much as possible before you finalize your buying decision. While the Subaru Solterra EV will launch as a 2023 model year vehicle, Subaru currently already sells the Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid. While many aspects of Subaru ownership will not change, there are a few critical differences that you may want to explore. What will it be like to drive a Subaru EV or plug-in hybrid?

Charging Your Subaru Plug-in Hybrid or Electric Vehicle at Home

The most significant difference between driving a gas-powered vehicle and an EV is that you no longer have to visit a gas station to refuel your car. Instead, you can simply plug your Subaru EV into a standard 120-volt household power outlet overnight to wake up to a fully-charged vehicle. Do you want a faster charging experience? A 240-volt charger, similar to the outlet that your clothes dryer uses, is also available with professional installation. If you primarily make short trips and regularly charge your plug-in hybrid, you can also delay trips to the gas station by relying on your all-electric driving range.

Charging Your Subaru on the Road

With more than 46,000 public battery recharging stations from EVgo conveniently located across the country, you can recharge your Subaru EV or plug-in hybrid on the road as needed and without a hassle. Are you wondering how long it takes to recharge your car’s battery at these stations? The DC fast-charging stations can typically replenish your EV battery to an 80-percent charge in roughly an hour. These stations are convenient for plug-in hybrid owners as well as they can help you avoid using gas while running errands.

The Incredible Benefits of PHEV & EV Ownership

You should be aware of several other essential things before you buy your new EV or plug-in hybrid. Buyers may qualify for several tax credits, rebates, and other federal, state, and local incentives. In addition, Subaru EVs produce no emissions when they run. This clean driving experience means that you can feel great about minimizing your impact on the environment. Many drivers are also pleased to learn that their new Subaru EV has fewer maintenance needs than a typical car with a combustion engine. Plug-in hybrid vehicles can also produce fewer emissions with regular charging.

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