Subaru Car Payment Relief

Lenders and Auto Loan Relief Programs

Many Subaru drivers conveniently purchased their vehicles with financing from Subaru Motors Finance. This lending company is a subsidiary of Chase Auto. These financing companies offer loan relief options to accommodate those who are suffering financially because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Loan relief is only available to those who qualify, so you will need to contact your lender directly to apply.

Subaru Motors Finance Loan Relief

Loan relief available through Subaru Motors Finance, such as a payment deferment plan, may enable you to skip making scheduled payments for a predetermined period. Payments missed during that period will not affect your credit rating negatively. To inquire about your qualification for a deferment or other loan relief options, contact the lender online, by phone, or through the app.

End of Lease Options

The pandemic has created turmoil for many drivers who have a Subaru lease as well. Are you wondering if you can continue driving your leased Subaru after the term expires? To inquire about lease extensions or to learn about the end-of-lease surrender process, contact the dealership today.

Loan Deferment FAQs

What is a Subaru Loan Deferment?

If you are approved for a loan payment deferral through Subaru Motors Finance, the lender will tell you the specific dates for your deferment. You will not need to make the payments during the deferment period. Instead, the loan term will be extended, and you will make up the skipped payments at the end of the loan. Keep in mind that developing the loan term could increase the total interest charges paid.

How Will a Subaru Loan Deferment Impact My Credit Score?

Skipping payments during an approved loan deferment period will not damage your credit score. Any payments missed outside of this period could be reflected on your credit report as a negative item.

How Do I Request a Subaru Loan Deferment?

All types of loan relief, including payment deferments, are approved on a case-by-case basis. To explore your auto loan relief options, contact the lender directly today.